Q & A

Do you do upholstery?

No, we don’t. But we work with the best upholsters in Sacramento. We can provide pickup and delivery service.

How do you strip the furniture?

We hand strip with a special stripping system. We don’t submerge your furniture in a vat or tank. We feel that leaving furniture in a stripper will loosen joints in furniture and lose the natural oils in the wood.

What is the difference of refinishing and restoration?

Refinishing completely strips off the old finish of an item.

Restoration keeps the finish on the item. It is cleaned and touched up with color, if needed, and a new compatible finish is applied.

Best way to maintain furniture?

Always try to dust with a clean soft cloth. If you need to use soap, use a mild soap with luke warm water and a clean soft cloth. You can also use lemon oil. We recommend Guardsman furniture polish and cleaners.

How long does a finish typically last?

Furniture finishes can last up to 25 years if properly maintained. Other items that are used daily, like kitchen cabinets, have different wear and tear so the time may decrease. Try to keep items away from water and direct sunlight.